ITC: Information technology and electronic commerce in particular are growing areas in Azerbaijan. Private and government led programs aim to facilitate wider use of information technologies by businesses and government agencies. 

Remells’ lawyers have the valuable knowledge of laws and regulations governing ITC sector. While simple on their face, knowing how and where to apply those laws and regulations requires background knowledge of information technologies and the industry expertise. On the other hand, improvements in the ITC sector facilitate cross-border deals over Internet and often times the issue of jurisdiction arise. 

Through their extensive studies of ITC and working with local and world renown global ITC companies, lawyers at Remells have gained deep understanding of the ITC industry and legal mechanisms that govern this industry. Remells’ lawyers have advised number of global ITC companies on issues relating, among other things, to:

  • telecommunications,
  • transfer of technology,
  • development and licensing of software products,
  • extension of electronic stores to Azerbaijani customers,
  • terms of website use,
  • intellectual property rights attached to ITC products,
  • sale and lease of hardware,
  • export control regulations.

Data Protection: Remells’ lawyers have a significant experience in advising multinational companies on protection of personal data. We have advised number of multinational companies with respect to protection of personal data of their employees. Our work in this area includes assisting employers in drafting their internal data protection policies and guidelines, advising them on obtaining and managing employee data processing consents. 

Businesses operating in the ITC are often compelled to pay close attention to the local data privacy regulations. They are able to serve their customer better by having certain information about their clients. 

Remells’ lawyers have been assisting local and global ITC companies to comply with local data protection and privacy regulations. We have assisted local and international companies to draft their data privacy policies and guidelines, notices and consents, agreements with third party service providers.

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