Commercial Litigation: Doing business at times faces challenges. We understand our clients concern and make every effort to achieve best results for them in any dispute we have been involved. We strive to advice assist our client effectively and efficiently, and reducing our client’s litigation and dispute resolution related costs is among our priorities.

Remells has the knowledge and experience you would need on your side in any dispute you may be involved.

Our goal in assisting our clients is to minimize the risk of any dispute between their partners, counterparties, third persons or government agencies. We bear this in mind when drafting contracts and their dispute resolution clauses in particular. When a dispute occurs we are there for our clients to assist in every stage of the dispute resolution process – advising dispute resolution or settlement strategies, filing complaints, arguing cases before all courts instances in Azerbaijan, enforcing court decisions.

Arbitration: Arbitration has its benefits and foreign companies often prefer it to litigation to hedge some of the risks of doing business outside their home countries. We regularly advise both local and foreign companies on the choice of their dispute resolution mechanism in agreements, on issues relating to conduct of arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards and number other issues affecting our clients business.

Compliance: We strongly believe in the benefits of ethical behavior, whether at workplace or when doing business with others. When a wrongdoing inside a company comes to light, executive and board face challenging tasks and must make important decisions

Our lawyers have unparalleled experience in internal investigations and other compliance matters. We have been retained by our clients to perform investigation of wrongdoings in the workplace. We have an experience of working closely with our client’s compliance team to address challenges the clients face.

Remells’ lawyers are ready to provide insight into local practices and customs of dealing with wrongdoings of different kinds by Azerbaijani law enforcement authorities. We have the experience of dealing with and successfully representing our clients before those authorities and Azerbaijani courts.

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