We have been advising international banks and other financial institutions on Azerbaijani laws and regulations affecting banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other financial institutions. We have represented lenders, arrangers, underwriters and borrowers in financing transactions, including in the offering of syndicated loans, financing of infrastructure, real estate, corporate acquisitions and other projects. Our lawyers have represented foreign lenders in perfecting security interest in assets of borrowers or other entities as well as obtaining bank guarantees in the context of loan, project financing, export financing and other transactions. 

We are well experienced in finance matters and provide formal opinions on loan, including syndicated, loan agreements and other financial transactions.

Our banking and finance team includes lawyers with an MBA level finance background. Our deep understanding of the business background of banking and finance deals as well as industry knowledge and expertise, allows us to provide the highest quality legal services that any foreign or local company would require. 


Islamic Finance: The expansion of Islamic financing globally raises number of issues. Because banks and other financial institutions are at the forefront of this expansion, both lender and borrowers need to be aware and comply with laws and regulations local jurisdictions. 

Our lawyers have advised international institutions on the extension of Islamic financing to local companies and banks through various methods of financing. We have, in particular, advised the clients on the structuring of wakala arrangements, Islamic lease and murabaha agreements, and other Shari'ah compliant agreements.

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