With highly skilled and foreign educated lawyers, we are happy to serve and assist companies and law firms, who are in need of outsourcing any high-end legal services.  We can assist those companies and firms in connection with the following:

Drafting commercial contracts: We are experienced in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, some of which can be complex.  We are especially experienced in corporate and M&A contracts as well as international commercial contracts, such as sale and purchase, supply, distribution, franchising and other contracts.  At the moment we are working on a book on drafting contracts.  Please see a piece from our book on drafting contract by clicking here (this is a work in progress).

Legal Research: We conduct legal research on any matter our clients may need for their businesses.  We can access resources, such as LexisNexis, and find, analyze any information and prepare a memorandum, summary or report with our analysis.

Document reviews and Due diligence: We review, analyze and prepare summary or reports on documents that may be used in the context of different transactions, including in mergers and acquisitions.

Completions and Closings: We assist companies and law firms in managing completion or closings in complex corporate and financing and other transactions.