Tax: Our lawyers have the great deal of expertise in providing client oriented and practical solutions to our client's tax issues. Our tax practice covers almost any area or aspect of client's business where tax matters arise. We have, in particular, advised multinational and local entities on tax matters relating to their equity investment, merger and acquisition, loans and other financing, real estate, on-line commerce deals.

Many of our cross-border transactions involved the tax related issues. Companies have turned to us for an effective solutions to their many tax issues. We have advised banks and financial institutions, franchisors and manufacturers in distribution agreements, investment funds, construction, oil companies on the complex tax matters affecting their transactions. We have advised them on issues of double taxation under international agreements, structuring of tax free transactions.

Customs: In a globalized world companies often cross borders to expand their business or generate more income. This requires them to deal with the customs issues. Remells' lawyers advise their clients on the issues of customs clearance, valuation of goods for the customs clearance purposes, declaration of goods at the customs border and other filings, payment of the taxes and duties, and any customs related legal issue affecting the client's business.