Azerbaijan is rich in oil and gas resources and continues to be one of the important actors in the global oil and gas market. This has attracted many global oil and companies to Azerbaijan as well as large capital investment into the Azerbaijani economy.

Azerbaijan has a unique legal environment when it comes to oil and gas industry. The hallmark of it is the production sharing agreements (PSA), which have the status of law. Remells’ lawyers have advised global oil and gas companies, including contractors, subcontractors, PSA operators, on Azerbaijani laws and regulations governing their investment and operations in Azerbaijan. We have assisted number of multinational oil and gas companies with respect to obtaining rights to mineral resources, including oil and gas, licensing, transfer of those rights, protection of investors and their investments under production sharing agreements and Azerbaijani laws, resolution of disputes under PSAs.

Our lawyers have been involved in the drafting and negotiation of agreements on sale of oil and gas products, acquisition of interest in oil and gas projects, transfer of title to mineral resources. Our practice covers downstream, midstream and upstream of the oil and gas industry.