Employment: The increasing number of employment laws and regulations, and the vigorous approach of regulators to enforcing them, make the employment one of the most heavily regulated areas. Remells has the experience you need to guide you through all aspects of hiring, recruitment, entering into and terminating employment agreements, resolution of employment disputes.

We regularity advice companies, executives, in-house attorneys and Human Resources departments in employment related issues. We have assisted our clients in putting in place an effective and local law compliant internal policies and mechanisms, which meet the client’s needs and objectives. We helped our clients to hire the talent they most need for their success and offer their employees the terms that would satisfy the parties. We ensure that our advice is practical, client oriented and the one that meets the needs and objective of employers.

We are there for our clients to minimize any risk of any conflict between the employers and employees. However, when a conflict arises we are happy to use our knowledge and experience to solve it in ways that meets our client's interest.

Benefits: Offering benefits to employees is a way to attract the top talent. On the other hand, local laws and regulations provide for mandatory pension payment and obtaining of insurance. Remells' lawyers have the experience you need to guide you through structuring and building the benefit plans that best meets your business needs, and comply with the mandatory pension, insurance and other requirements.

Our lawyers have been advising multinational clients on matters relating to mandatory and voluntary insurance, social insurance requirements, employee and executive incentive schemes and compensations. We have been working with the in-house and HR team of our clients to help them stay abreast and comply with all the changes in local laws and regulations.