Real Estate: Any capital intensive investment requires careful look at the legal environment in which the investment is made. Courts are eager to apply local laws to real estate transactions. These factors compel investors look for an able advisor on real estate matters.

Remells’ lawyers have accumulated a vast experience on handling real estate related deals. We have advised bot h local and international companies on their rights and interests to real estate located in Azerbaijan and have handled registration of those rights. We have negotiated real estate acquisition agreements, commercial lease agreements, transfer of title, perfection of security interest in real property.

Construction: Construction has been one of the fastest growing industries in Azerbaijan. Major government and private business led projects have been attracting significant foreign investment, as well as great interest from foreign developers, contracts and sub-contractors.

We have advised the property owners, developers, operators, contractors and subcontractors in Azerbaijani construction law matters. Our lawyers have important experience in drafting and negotiating main types of construction agreements, including EPC and EPCM contracts.

We are able to advise our clients on licensing of technology, design rights as well as on various strategies of contracting with owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, license holders and other parties involved in large scale construction contracts.