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                                                         OUR KEY EXPERTS                                                         


We are local lawyers with extensive experience in assisting multinational and local clients in Azerbaijani market. Our aim is to provide excellent advice and assistance to our clients in connection with different aspects of their operations in Azerbaijan and we have served clients operating in different industries.  We have long term and deep expertise and specialize in the following areas:

  • Corporate transactions: This includes corporate registrations, negotiating complex joint venture, shareholder, investment and similar agreements, share or asset sale and purchase agreements, performing due diligence and advising in connection with acquisition or disposition of shares in entities or their assets;
  • Financial transactions, such as different types of facility agreements, including revolving or term facilities, syndicated facilities and facility agreements common in project financing, whether on recourse or non-recourse (limited recourse) basis, financial lease, asset finance, securities and derivative transactions and other transactions and deals that clients engaged in these industries would expect us to handle;
  • Engineering and Construction: we have solid experience in drafting and negotiating EPCM, EPC/Turkey contracts (also based on FIDIC templates), engineering services agreement, technology licensing and performance guarantee agreements.
  • Cross-border Commercial Transactions: we do regularly handle and have reputation for handling cross-border sale and purchase, supply, distribution, agency and franchising agreements.  

We at Remells are committed to becoming advisers of choice. In every matter we handle we strive to add value to our clients' business.

                                                             OUR VALUES                                                             

  • Fiduciary Duties to Clients: We owe fiduciary duties to our clients.  Our top priority is to serve our client’s interest

  • Integrity: we highly value integrity

  • Commercially pragmatic professionalism: We do our best to understand our clients’ business and commercial incentives. We ensure our advice is technically correct, but also practical and pragmatic

  • Adding value to our client's deal: there is a reason clients chose us - so that we add value to their deal

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Rashid has been practicing law since 2006. He has worked in an international law firm in Baku, where he handled cross-border deals, and as chief in house counsel of the Azerbaijani subsidiary of the international micro-finance institution. Rashid specializes in the areas of corporate and finance law, and large scale litigations.

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Orkhan has remarkable experience in corporate, employment and construction related matters. For a significant time, he served the counsel for a bank in Azerbaijan and counsel for the local office a Chinese construction company. Orkhan has led a number of successful litigation cases as an independent professional.