Rashid Aliyev becomes member of Azerbaijan Bar Association

On July 19, 2018 a group of lawyers gathered in Baku Boulevard Hotel to take an oath.  They committed to protect constitutional rights and freedoms of their clients and abide by the laws and the Constitution of Azerbaijan.  It was the inauguration day of newly selected members of the Azerbaijani Bar Association.  Among those members was Rashid Aliyev, the Director of Remells Law Firm. 

Benefit to our Clients

Membership in the Bar Association allows us to represent our clients in court on civil, administrative as well as criminal matters.  We have a long term experience in representing companies and business in different court instances of Azerbaijan. 

About Bar Association 

Azerbaijan Bar Association is one of the key legal institutions in Azerbaijan charged with protecting rights of individuals and corporations alike, whether in or outside courtrooms.  The reputation of the Bar Association has been on the rise, since the election of its new membership back in 2017.  The recently elected management of the Association is taking measures to bring new members to the Association able to provide the legal services expected from one of the main legal institutions in the country. 

Congratulations to all the newly elected members of the Azerbaijani Bar Association and Good Luck to the Association!

We would be happy to serve our clients using the our membership status whenever our clients need us.