About Our Firm

We are lawyers with extensive experience in assisting multinational and local clients regarding different aspects of their businesses in or outside Azerbaijan. We have served clients engaged in different industries. Whether you require a legal service as simple as registration of your company in Azerbaijan, or structuring and handling complex corporate and finance transactions, we at Remells can be of assistance to you.  

Our Services section of our website contains information about the areas of our expertise.  We would note the following areas where we add special value to our clients:

Transactions and Deals.  We have been transaction lawyers for the better part of our career.  We are experienced in corporate and finance transactions, construction related deals and cross-border commercial transactions.  Find out more information about these services by clicking here

Outsourcing.  With highly skilled and foreign educated lawyers, we serve companies and law firms, who are in need of outsourcing any legal services.  We can assist those companies and firms in drafting complex agreements, document reviews for their M&A, financing and other deals, managing completion and closing processes.   Please visit the here to find out more information about our outsourcing-related services. 

In addition to our core legal service practice we offer our clients Tax and Accounting services.  Offering these services allow us to achieve efficiency for our clients.  We are particularly, experienced in tax structuring, including international tax structuring, filing our clients tax and other mandatory returns in Azerbaijan, advising on accounting related matters.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about how we could assist you, please feel free to contact us at:


Cabbarly str. 44

Caspian Plaza II, Floor 5
Baku, AZ 1065


+99450 386 3234

Email:   rashid.aliyev@remells.com



Latest News and Insights

5. Jun

No tax jurisdiction on the shores of Caspian Sea – Alyat Free Trade Zone

On June 4, 2018 the Azerbaijani President signed into the law important piece of legislation – the Law On Alyat Economic Zone.  This is a unique law, at least as far as Azerbaijan’s legal system is concerned.  Under the law all businesses in the Zone are exempt from taxes and state duties (including import duties).  The …
16. May

Setting Up Joint Ventures in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani market is generally open for foreign businesses[1].  A foreign company wanting to enter Azerbaijani market does not have to partner with a local person.  If for business reasons the company needs to establish a joint venture, there are couple of options.  We assume that all or substantial of the business activity is carried out …
15. May

Azerbaijan’s Central Bank approves new rules on transfer of currency

One of the most important pieces of regulation that Azerbaijan’s Central Bank approves is the currency rules (the “Rules”) which define the procedure for, among other things, transferring of foreign currency outside Azerbaijan. Among the new elements is the requirement that legal persons transfer foreign currency only through their bank accounts. Only physical persons may …

Our Values

♦  Fiduciary Duties to Clients: We owe fiduciary duties to our clients.  Our top priority is to serve our client’s interest

♦  Integrity:  we highly value integrity

♦  Commercially pragmatic professionalism:  We do our best to understand our clients’ business and commercial incentives. We ensure our advice is technically correct, but also practical and pragmatic 

♦  Adding value to our client's deal:  there is a reason clients chose us - so that we add value to their deal